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Eastman's Journal article about Rincon Outfitters Antelope Hunts

Hunter with a major B&C Antelope taken with Rincon Guide Jim Seay in Arizona.
The buck scores 87 4/8" SCI and is 17 4/8" long on both horns with prongs over 6" on both sides.

"81" Arizona Antelope taken at 240 yards with our Ultimate Muzzleloader

16" Az Muzzleloader Antelope

Hunter with his first AZ rifle antelope

Hunter with his AZ B&C Antelope after 20 years of applying

Guide Miguel with his archery Pronhorn from Southern Az. 84 yard shot! Centerpunch!!

Outfitter Rom Dryden and his AZ Muzzleloader B&C class Antelope

Muzzleloader AZ Antelope from one of Arizona's more difficult units

Arizona Archer with his first Arizona Archery Antelope

Happy young lady with her first animal ever. An Arizona Antelope. Taken with our Ultimate Muzzleloader

Arizona junior hunter with his 83" Arizona B&C Antelope

Arizona Rifle Antelope

Trophy Arizona Antelope

Super Wide Antelope from the photo above

Junior hunter and her 1st az antelope

B&C Arizona Rifle Antelope

Hunter with his first Arizona Muzzleloader Antelope

16 3/8" Long Arizona P&Y Archery Antelope

Hunter with his first Arizona Muzzleloader Antelope

AZ B&C Muzzleloader Antelope

Muzzleloader Antelope 83 5/8" Top Ten SCI

Arizona Rifle Pronghorn Antelope

Arizona Rifle Antelope w/outstanding prongs

B&C Muzzleloader Antelope and Junior Hunter

Muzzleloader Antelope

Arizona Rifle Antelope

Rifle Antelope, 80"


Arizona Archery Antelope, 76 0/8 P&Y

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