Hunts of a Lifetime


Rincon Outfitters is pleased to announce a limited number of Bull and Cow buffalo hunts on private ranches in New Mexico and South Dakota each year. These private herds offer outstanding opportunities at trophy class animals due to extremely large numbers of animals and these hunts are guaranteed for success. The cape, skull, hide and all the meat belong to the hunter on this very exciting hunt for one of North America's most dangerous animals. There is no draw for this hunt making this a very desirable offering. Please call for prices and waiting list info.



These rigorous hunts are conducted in northern, eastern and southern Arizona in some of Arizona's most rugged, but beautiful country. Arizona is well known for our big lions and our guides know how to catch these wily cats. We have taken cats ranking as high as #4 SCI recently, and we have one waiting for you! These hunts are conducted from horseback, quad, or vehicle, and we utilize excellent dry ground hounds. These hunts are very successful and permits are available over-the-counter. Please call for dates and availability.


Rincon Outfitters is proud to offer ten-day hunts for the elusive Desert Bighorn or Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. This one on one hunt conducted from tented base camps is a once in a lifetime experience. These permits are allocated by drawing and are extremely difficult to draw. If you are the lucky one, allow Rincon Outfitters to assist you on a hunt you will never forget. Please call for hunt details and pricing.

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