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Outfitter's son with his Trophy Merriams which completes his Grand Slam and US Royal Slam at age eleven. The youngest to ever complete the US Royal!

Hunter with his 9" Az Merriams Gobbler

Outfitter Rom Dryden with four NM Longbeards taken by him and #1 guide Jimmy Seay

Youth hunter with her trophy Merriams's gobbler from Arizona

Arizona youth hunter with his first Merriam's gobbler

Youth Hunter and his third Merriam's Gobbler with Rincon

Hunter with his monster Arizona Muzzleloader Gobbler

First time hunter and his Merriam's Gobbler

Youth hunter with his second Merriam's gobbler

Happy Hunter with a Merriam's Gobbler

Arizona Merriam's Gobbler

#1 SCI Muzzleloader Shotgun Merriam's

Jim Seay with a trophy Merriam's Gobbler

Junior hunter with muzzleloader turkey

Junior Hunter with a Trophy Merriam's Tom

Hunter with a trophy Merriam's Gobbler

Hunter with a trophy Merriam's Gobbler

Merriam's Turkey, Eastern Arizona

Merriam's Turkey, Northern Kaibab, Arizona

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