Primal hunt
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Primal hunt: all you need to remember

Slot machines are the very foundation of a casino. This applies to land-based casinos, but also to virtual casinos. The Primal hunt was released in September 2020 and will bring out the beast that sleeps in the player’s mind. All the more so as it is a rather original theme.

Summaries on the game

It’s a game that makes you feel like you’re back in the Stone Age. In a simplified way, Prima hunt features an impressively sized lion and other wild characters. In other words, a cave lion. Having said that, the interface is pretty good for this game and it really feels like millions of years ago.

In addition, the slot machine has 5*4 reels and 80 paylines. All this is located at the bottom of a cave. Note that for a total old-fashioned look, the walls are covered with old engravings. One can imagine through this décor how the ancestors were able to fight tigers and lions and other dangerous creatures that may have crossed their path.

Moreover, the atmosphere becomes more and more hostile as the game progresses in level. As far as symbols are concerned, we can mention the cave lion in front, the Spear, the cuff and 4 animal representations on round stones. These symbols are listed in descending order. Similarly, A, K, Q, J are the elements of low value.

In addition, there is the Wild symbol to form a winning combination. In this case, these symbols replace the basic symbols. Note that the Wild is associated with the multipliers *2 or *3. As for the Scatter symbol, it takes the form of the Cave Lion in the attacking position. Finally, the Free spins whose display of 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols gives in the same order 8, 12, or 20 Free spins.

Some details

It is important to inform that it is possible to play free of charge and without any downloads. To do so, simply go to the game page and go to demo mode. The full screen mode offers more comfort during the game. Playing for free allows you to familiarise yourself with the game before venturing into the paid games.

In addition, there are 4 features that you need to be familiar with to play Primal Hunt, one of which is the BetSoft developer. The number of reels must also be taken into account. The same applies to the number of lines. Finally, it should be noted that the bet varies between 0.20 and 22.00.

What is also interesting with this game is that you can win interesting bonuses by advancing in the game. You can also win progressive jackpot and free spins. Not to mention that you can play Primal Hunt on a Smartphone or tablet.

Criteria for choosing a slot machine

It is important to remember how to choose a slot machine. Indeed, with the many games that exist, it is not always easy to choose one. Starting with the interface and graphics. Having said that, the presentation of the game is an important element not to be neglected, as it has a considerable impact on the players.

Animations are also in the same vein. In other words, the more thrilling and immersive the experience, the better. Finally, the game’s functionalities, because this defines the actions and sensations that you can have. This is a non-exhaustive list.