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Progressive bonuses and jackpot at Primal Hunt

Slot machines are fun games, and especially basic casino games, because they also make money. They are games that rely heavily on luck and chance. That’s what makes them so charming and also what makes them feel like. But you still need to know how to win progressive jackpots with slot machines.

What about bonuses

Primal Hunt is a slot game that reminds us of the Stone Age. With a rather successful interface, this game made its appearance in September 2020. A game that makes the happiness of those who have a beastly side in them. In addition, this game consists of 5 reels and 80 lines. However, we have rather some improvements to expect on the functionality. Players say they don’t have enough sensations and actions.

As far as bonuses are concerned, we have the Wild bonus symbol. This can have a second force when there is the Wild bonus symbol multiplier. In this case, the player is in the Free Spin phase. The latter occurs when there is the Scatter bonus symbol appearing on the reel. In other words, by collecting 3 to 5 of this bonus, one can have 8 to 20 Free Spins. Interesting for a slot machine.

Also, it’s a very interesting phase. That said, the symbols are substituted by the Wild bonus symbols. Therefore, the Wild bonus symbols can form winning combinations. At the same time, they are Multipliers. In other words, you can have double or triple individually. Note that these multipliers can be up to 27 times.

Finally, it is important to note that it is possible to win real money. To do so, simply play in pay mode by clicking on “play for real” or “play for real”. In this case, the winnings are in real euros, which you can get back if you wish. And don’t forget that slot machine winnings can be in excess of one million Euros. That’s enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

A few details

As you can see, slot machines are based on chance and luck. Especially since the software that developers have recently created allows to play differently at online casinos. That said, the progressive jackpot is triggered in a random way. This is now also known as the Random jackpot. In other words, all it takes is a combination of specific symbols on the reels and paylines.

There is also the famous Megapot with which it is possible to become a millionaire quickly. This concept is valid in online as well as in virtual casinos. As long as the progressive jackpot slots are networked, any player can win this jackpot. This is possible regardless of the casino in which they play or at an online casino.

Primal Hunt highlights

Primal Hunt’s primary interest is its lucrative side. Indeed, it is possible to considerably boost the gambling capital. To do so, there is what is called joker. Its role is played by the Wild symbol *2. Its strong point is that this symbol can replace an ordinary icon no matter what it is. Winning combinations can be formed later on.

It is also possible to automatically rotate the reels. This option makes life easier for players. In addition, it makes it possible to manage the game on different games.